Sunday, November 20, 2011

November, so far...

Well, it's only been ALMOST two years since I last posted... guess it's about time for another update, ya think (no snide comments, yes, this means YOU!)

This month we:

1. On November 1st, Patty and I picked up lots and lots of bags for Bags 2 School from the Base thrift store (THANKS, JULIE!!) As you can see, Patty wasn't that EXCITED about having to sit with all of those for the drive home!

While browsing at the thrift store, I saw this:and had to smile, because I KNEW that Gramma Eloise was there with us (a thrift store AND a shirt she would've worn... too cool)

2. On November 3rd, Patty's school had a WWII Theme day, she went as a factory worker. It's been very enlightening to learn from the British point of view about WWII. She has certainly enjoyed it. She has asked me numerous times "where did children in America have to evacuate to when they left their homes?" She's still trying to negotiate American vs. British, however, according to her (which she told me on a trip to base) "Mom, I don't like speaking American, I like speaking English" :) Cheeky girl!

3. Patty is taking (and loving) karate, she finally received her Karategi (uniform) and obi (belt) on November 4th. Here she is in them:

and punching her Sensei's assistant (? not sure exactly what they are called, but assistant is the closest thing I can think of...):

4. Celebrated our first Bonfire night with friends (here's a link for those of you who don't know what that is: Gunpowder plot)

The Bonfire - used to burn effigies of Guy Fawkes

FIREWORKS!!! From where we were we could see fireworks from 3 different areas - COOLNESS!!

And SPARKLERS! Patty had a blast when our friends, Becky and Tony, gave her a sparkler to play with!

Earlier in the day, Patty made her own Guy Fawkes effigy:

5. We participated in Remembrance day at Patty's school on November 11th. Yes, it is America's Veteran's day AND it is England's Remembrance Day (we were both on the same side of the war, after all). Patty's school had a nice assembly, complete with retired Royal British Legion members. We observed 2 minutes of silence, and the children put together a beautiful Remembrance display. In England, crosses are laid to remember those who have fallen, and Red Poppies are worn (see here to understand why). This is a picture of a Red Poppy Wreath and the crosses with Red Poppies laid on them in remembrance of those at Patty's school who had passed in the Great War:

6. What Sandy was doing on 11/11/11 at 11:11:7. Anyone wanna guess what Ashley was doing at 11:11 on 11/11/11? No? Come on - it's not even a trick question...

8. That night (November 11th) Patty had a sleepover at a friend's house (thanks, Becky L. - she had fun!!) She got home just after 1pm on Saturday, the 12th. Then, what did she do for two hours? THIS -

Talk about a SHOCKER! (Patty, not Ashley, lol!) After waking her up to go to a baptism, she promptly fell back asleep and THEN even went to bed on time... Must've been some sleepover!!

9. For Family Home Evening on the 14th, I was quite inspired. I wanted to do a lesson on gratitude but wasn't sure how to implement it, so after a quick discussion on what gratitude and being thankful was, we played Candyland... with a twist.... each color we drew we had to think of one thing we were thankful for before we could move. Here are the colors and the corresponding areas of gratitude that they represented. Orange = our individual strengths; Red = people; Yellow=Gospel (church related); Green = food; Purple = something we own/have; Blue = Miscellaneous. Some of the things we were thankful for: the Prophet, Hotels to stay in while traveling, primary, Ellie the mouse (the last present Gramma Eloise bought for Patty), living in the UK, and showers.
It was fun, and as you can tell in the picture Patty was very into it, by the end she was helping Ashley and myself out with our answers.

10. Well, here it is the biggest (best and most fun) thing we've done so far this month:

On Saturday, 19th November we had Patty's sixth birthday party. We had right at 25 kids show up from both church and school. It was a Pinkalicious themed party. We had a bouncy castle -

Read Pinkalicious to them (some of the parents thought I was being clever in calling it a "Pinkalicious" party and that it was going to be all pink. Most all of them had never heard of the Pinkalicious books by Victoria Kann before. Of course, after they found out, I wasn't nearly so clever.... bummer for me!)
and decorated cupcakes....

It appeared that everyone had a good time... and the good news is??? I DON'T HAVE TO PLAN ANOTHER PARTY FOR A WHOLE YEAR!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Our friend, Liane, took Patty to her house while we cleaned up after the party and set up for church the next day. She told me she asked Patty if she had fun at her party. Patty said "Yes, but I don't know why everyone gave me presents. It wasn't my birthday" lol... Silly girl

11. However, the party wasn't the only thing that happened on Saturday the 19th. Before we left Liane's house for home, here's what else happened:

our little girl has lost her FOURTH tooth... (the top two were pulled). Her mouth is too small for her teeth to grow in and she has now lost both of her bottom incisors to make room in her tiny mouth for her teeth.

So, here it is, 11:11 pm on the 20th of November and I need to get to sleep. I am getting over a cold (or flu, who knows....) and Ashley just got it... hopefully we heal soon and Patty doesn't get it...

Oh, and the Raven's won their match up today against the Cincinnati Bengals, which means that the Raven's really are NUMBER ONE!!!! (At least in their division) :D WOOT WOOT!!!

Here's sending our love out to all of you and wishing you the happiest of times in the upcoming American Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

Ashley, Sandy and Patty

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